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Waldat Inc. was formed in the year 2016 by Mr. Sanket Agrawal with a vision to bring India closer to the technological revolution happening throughout the world. Having an experience of half a decade with revolutionary technology brands, Mr. Sanket aimed at taking the technology from a brand to a category level in India and build not just a Brand or Technology but create a category. Waldat started with Swagtron and the Electric Rideables Mobility category and plans to build and lead the category in India in the upcoming years.

We know what we do.

With a strong business background in Textiles, Trade and E-commerce spanning over 50 years, the Waldat is backed strongly by a Generation of Entrepreneurs. The Promoters are dedicated towards creating and introducing new product and technologies in India. With an aim to lead the Brand and technology Development space in India, Waldat is aiming to be the leader in Personal Mobility Electric Rideables by 2025 and the only player in the complete category.

What we believe.

Customer Satisfaction and the Waldat team development and growth are the core on which the company strongly stands and endorses itself. Creating and partnering with the leading brands to create a new customer experience has been the driving factor behind the growth of Waldat. On the other hand, the Team is the reason why Waldat has been able to grow beyond industry standards, at Waldat we believe and Invest in people we work with. Independence, freedom and Growth is what we believe to provide to our team.

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