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Our Brands

Swagtron is the fastest growing name in hoverboards & electric rideables, evolved as one of the forefront brands in its category!

EufyLife’s diverse array of smart home devices and appliances are designed to light up your life and enhance the lifestyle!

Waerator is the leading brand in electronic wine aerating tools that is popular to offer instant aeration to complete perfection.

Viotek is an unwavering brand willing to innovate and make products at the best price for technology enthusiast worldwide.

Meet the worldclass products at our technology hub – Waldat! 

Waldat is a vibrant company that aims to introduce future products in India. We are a modern trade corporation that has the objective at partnering with niche Global Brands and help eastablish their presence in India. Waldat caters to the innovative & futuristic technology and brings it to the tech-savvy people in India.